Tusk Items Catalogue. Collectors’ Paleontology.

“Art-Mamut” company are happy to welcome you at our web-site! We are delighted to bring to your attention our vast collection of tusk items: souvenirs, interior objects and decorations created by the best professionals from different parts of the world. Tusk items our company offers are luxury articles and attributes of an elegant interior, most of them can be fairly considered unequalled examples of bone carving art. Mammoth tusks are a unique artistic material used by men since ancient times.

As you know, elephant hunting is forbidden and therefore ivory tusks extraction is ceased as well. A mammoth tusk is the only alternative to ivory. A mammoth bone retains all the best qualities of this fabricating material. It is a valuable material for producing decorations, interior objects and other bone carving pieces. Being kept underneath the earth for more than 10 000 years, saturated with minerals and magnetic fields, it stores the energy of the universe. For a reason the first talismans were made out of it. Since ancient times people wore mammoth tusk objects and believed that its miraculous power protected them from sorrows and illnesses. These items were passed on from generation to generation.

Mammoth tusk objects can be an original present both for your family and colleagues. Collection tusks are especially popular among business people, being undoubtedly an excellent adornment of any interior, adding to its luxury and elegance.  Here you cannot see the full assortment of tusk objects. Our catalogue is constantly renewed and extended with new works. Welcome to the world of unique presents and souvenirs! “Art-Mamut” company provides services to manufacture skeletons of the Ice Age animals performed from natural bones of these animals found in the permafrost and being older than 10 000 years.

The team of highly qualified professionals create full-scale frameworks of mammoth fauna animals from natural materials using the latest technologies. Many of their works can be seen in Barcelona Mammoth Museum located at the address Montcada Str. 1, near Picasso Museum.

You can also make an individual order of any complexity to be performed according to your sketch or you can buy our ready-made items.

To reserve and buy one of our works of art call the phone number: +34625152830, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.